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HEPI Crossbeam Foot

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29 Mar 2011, 04:53
31 Aug 2009, 14:05
The output block for the HEPI system. 2x HEPI Actuators push on this block: one vertical and one horizontal. One end of a Crossbeam (HAM or BSC) is mounted rigidly to the Foot (the Crossbeam's other end is mounted to the Foot of the opposing HEPI). 2x HEPI Offload Springs mount to the back of the Foot, to support a share of the weight of the Support Structure + ISI + payload.

This part is also known as the "HEPI Boot".

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D equivalent to v2.
Release for Advanced LIGO.

2 new configurations: AdLIGO Left and Right. These configurations are used for Advanced LIGO HAM HEPIs. They include new bolted interfaces for the Advanced LIGO HAM Crossbeams.

The iLIGO Left and Right configurations are essentially the same as D020195-v1. For Advanced LIGO, we are using these "iLIGO" configurations in the BSC HEPIs.

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