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3/4" Diameter Optics Post

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24 Nov 2012, 17:25
Fabrication drawing for stainless steel and al alloy optics posts.

Posts type A (2.125" height) are for PBS mounts and 2" lens mounts
Posts type B (2.250" height) are for Wave-Plate mounts and 2" mirror mounts
Posts type C (2.625" height) are for 1" mirror and lens mounts
Posts type D (2.750" height) are for DC monitor diodes
Posts type E (2.825" height) are for QPDs (cage plates)

Posts type-01 thru -05 are made from 6061 al alloy and will be used for O5

post pedestal mount
Notes and Changes:
-Updates table 1 to add types -01 THRU -05 and adds material column.
-Adds .09 thru holes (QTY. 2) for venting purposes.
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