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Executive Summary of the LHO HIFO-Y Test

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The HIFO-Y test was the third integration phase at the LIGO Hanford Observatory. It started on June 10th, 2013 and ended July 26th, 2013. The applicable integration planning document can be found as T1300174.
The LHO HIFO-Y was an overall success demonstrating the arm length stabilization system on a single arm cavity. It is a continuation of the one arm test, see E1300627. The one arm test included only green laser light injected form the end, whereas HIFO-Y added the green transmission path as well as the (infra-)red laser light from input mode cleaner. This makes it possible to resonant both colors and investigate their relative stability. We achieved an rms stability of better than 4 Hz which compares favorably with the HIFO-Y goal of 10 Hz.
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A detailed report describing the HIFO-Y measurements is in the works.

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