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Robert Taylor of Albert-Einstein-Institut, Max-Planck-Institut fur Gravitationsphysik is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
E1800210-v1 Optical Contamination Test resuits: Euclid Compact Interferometer Robert Taylor et al. Basic R&D
19 Feb 2019
T040127-v1 Cleaning Procedure for magnet wire with ML/HML insulation Robert Taylor Vacuum
Observatory Facilities
11 May 2018
E070156-x0 Process Traveler - Hardware Conproto Robert Taylor Document Migration
25 Mar 2014
D060102-v1 aLIGO ETM and ITM SUS Recycling Mirror Envelope Calum Torrie Conceptual Design
28 Feb 2010
T1000041-v1 Electrostatic Drive Soldering Procedure Richard Mittleman et al. Fabrication
01 Feb 2010
E1000002-v1 Certification for Viton for L1 HAM6 OMC damping struts Robert Taylor et al. Incoming Inspection
Seismic Isolation
11 Jan 2010
P070125-x0 dc readout experiment at the Caltech 40m prototype interferometer Robert Ward et al. Document Migration
Public relations
19 Oct 2009
G0900520-v2 Testing Advanced LIGO length sensing and control scheme at the Caltech 40m interferometer David Yeaton-Massey et al. Upgrades
30 Jun 2009
T070205-x0 OMC STRUCTURE SUMMARY (inc. FEA & EXPT results and weld tests) Calum Torrie Preliminary Design
25 Feb 2009
E080069-x0 Process Traveler - Ring Heater Robert Taylor Document Migration
11 Apr 2008
T080071-x0 Outgassing from Aluminum Weld Samples Dennis Coyne et al. Document Migration
31 Mar 2008
E070312-x0 Process Traveler - ELIGO HAM4/6 Beam Dumps Robert Taylor Document Migration
10 Dec 2007
E050161-x0 SPECIFICATION - Advanced LIGO Air Bake Oven Qualification Process Specification Helena Armandula et al. Document Migration
07 Dec 2007
E070305-x0 LIGO Molecular Contamination Analysis: HAM6 Vacuum Septum Plate for LLO Robert Taylor et al. Document Migration
20 Nov 2007
E070122-x0 Process Traveler - Vacuum Bake Traveler BSC Crate 2 Robert Taylor Document Migration
17 May 2007
E070093-x0 Process Traveler - First Half Crate 1 BSC-ISI Robert Taylor Document Migration
10 Apr 2007
E070099-x0 Process Traveler - Second Half Crate 1 BSC-ISC Robert Taylor Document Migration
10 Apr 2007
E060280-x0 Process Traveler - 25 Pin Dsab Connector Towers Robert Taylor Document Migration
21 Dec 2006
G060402-x0 Caltech 40m Lab Update - LSC Meeting, August 14-17th, 2006 @ Louisiana State University Benjamin Abbott et al. Document Migration
18 Aug 2006
G060127-x0 Results of 40m prototype - LSC Meeting, March 19-22, 2006, Hanford WA Benjamin Abbott et al. Document Migration
14 Apr 2006
T060026-x0 40m Large Air Oven Qualification Tests Helena Armandula et al. Document Migration
01 Feb 2006
25 Jan 2006
G050568-x0 Optical Spring and Optical Resonance in the 40m Detuned RSE Interferometer Benjamin Abbott et al. Document Migration
31 Oct 2005
T030245-x0 LIGO Caltech 40-Meter PSL Supplemental Report Benjamin Abbott et al. Document Migration
10 Aug 2004
G040081-x0 40m Laboratory Upgrade Progress Report - LSC Meeting, March 15 - 18th, Livingston, LA Benjamin Abbott et al. Document Migration
18 Mar 2004

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