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Haixing Miao of University of Western Australia is listed as an author on the following documents:
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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T2200384-v2 The LSC Instrument Science White Paper (2022-2023 edition) Peter Fritschel et al. Basic R&D
04 Dec 2022
T2100298-v2 Instrument Science White Paper 2021 Peter Fritschel et al. Basic R&D
14 Oct 2021
T2000407-v3 Instrument Science White Paper 2020 Peter Fritschel et al. Basic R&D
31 Aug 2020
G1601874-v1 Current and future ground-based gravitational-wave detectors Haixing Miao Basic R&D
02 Sep 2016
G1600447-v3 FINESSE - Numerical Simulations for Optical Design and Commissioning Daniel Toyra et al. Commissioning
17 May 2016
G1500730-v1 White Light Cavity Ideas and General Sensitivity Limits Haixing Miao Public Talk / Colloquium
Basic R&D
02 Jun 2015
P1400255-v2 Enhancing the bandwidth of gravitational-wave detectors with unstable optomechanical filters Haixing Miao et al. Basic R&D
15 May 2015
T1300433-v3 Instrument Science White Paper Rana Adhikari et al. System Engineering
Input Optics
Sensing and Control
Seismic Isolation
Laser Systems
Core Optics
Basic R&D
Auxiliary Optics
01 Dec 2014
T1300633-v1 Quantum-noise reduction schemes for future advanced gravitational-wave detectors Mikhail Korobko et al. Laser Systems
31 Aug 2014
T1300836-v1 Sensing and control of a six-DOF maglev-based suspension prototype Georgios Mamakoukas et al. Basic R&D
31 Aug 2014
G1401056-v1 Quantum noise of white light cavity using double-gain medium Ma Yiqiu et al. Basic R&D
26 Aug 2014
T1200008-v3 Comparison of Quantum Noise in 3G Interferometer Configurations Haixing Miao et al. Modelling
Sensing and Control
Basic R&D
18 Apr 2013
G1200642-v1 Introduction to radiation pressure noise squeezing and optomechanical interaction Haixing Miao Detector
04 Jun 2012
P070127-x0 Observation of three-mode parametric interactions in long optical cavities Jesper Munch et al. Document Migration
Public relations
19 Oct 2009
P0900063-v1 Probing macroscopic quantum state with a sub-Heisenberg accuracy Henning Rehbein et al. Detector
15 Jul 2009
G070764-x0 Verification of Conditional Quantum State in GW Detectors - LSC/Virgo Collaborations Meeting, October 22-25 2007, Hannover Germany Yanbei Chen et al. Document Migration
31 Oct 2007
G070769-x0 Three Different Regimes in the Verification Stage According to the Spring Frequency - LSC/Virgo Collaborations Meeting, October 22-25 2007, Hannover Germany Yanbei Chen et al. Document Migration
31 Oct 2007

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