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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G1602198-v1 Little Pre-Mode Cleaner and tilt-free seismometer Veronica Leccese et al. Laser Systems
Seismic Isolation
30 Oct 2016
T1500218-v1 Building a tilt-free seismometer Megan Kelley et al. Basic R&D
Sensing and Control
Seismic Isolation
20 Jan 2016
T1500485-v1 A prototype for a tilt free seismometer Alessandra Marrocchesi et al. Basic R&D
Seismic Isolation
27 Oct 2015
G1500668-v1 Squeezing now and in the future: the road to 10 dB Katherine Dooley et al. Commissioning
Basic R&D
Sensing and Control
01 Jun 2015
P1100125-v1 [Thesis] Design and Performance of High Laser Power Interferometers for Gravitational-wave Detection Katherine Dooley Thesis/Dissertation
Input Optics
Basic R&D
Sensing and Control
25 Mar 2014
G1100046-v1 LIGO Poster Tobin Fricke et al. Detector
Education, Outreach
Public Talk / Colloquium
13 Mar 2014
T0900508-v1 LLO OMC Mode Matching Katherine Dooley Conceptual Design
Auxiliary Optics
23 Feb 2012
T1200046-v1 LIGO 3 Strawman Design, Team Red (public version) Stefan Hild et al. Basic R&D
31 Jan 2012
G0900594-v1 Controlling radiation pressure instabilities in Enhanced LIGO Katherine Dooley et al. Meeting
Sensing and Control
02 Jul 2009
E0900341-v3 Test Plan for the Input Mode Cleaner Guido Mueller et al. Input Optics
Final Design
14 Jan 2011
G080583-x0 Enhanced LIGO Katherine Dooley Document Migration
12 Nov 2008
G080490-x0 Input optics energy budget for Enhanced LIGO - LSC/Virgo Collaboration Meeting, September 22-25, 2008, Amsterdam Katherine Dooley Document Migration
01 Oct 2008
T080191-x0 IO Work for Summer 08 Vent at LLO Katherine Dooley et al. Document Migration
13 Aug 2008
T080082-x0 E-LIGO Wavefront Sensor Telescope Upgrade Muzammil Arain et al. Document Migration
14 Apr 2008
G080205-x0 E-LIGO Input Optics Characterization and Performance - LSC/Virgo Collaborations Meeting @ Caltech, March 17-20, 2008 Katherine Dooley Document Migration
04 Apr 2008
G070675-x0 eLIGO/advLIGO FI update - LSC/Virgo Collaborations Meeting, October 22-25 2007, Hannover Germany Muzammil Arain et al. Document Migration
29 Oct 2007
T050146-x0 Thermal Noise in Advanced LIGO Mirrors Katherine Dooley Document Migration
25 Aug 2005
G050463-x0 Direct Broadband Measurement of Advanced Coating Noise Katherine Dooley Document Migration
25 Aug 2005
G050406-x0 Advanced Coating Noise Direct Broadband Measurment - LSC Meeting, August 14th - 17th, Hanford WA Eric Black et al. Document Migration
17 Aug 2005

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