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Dean Schaetzl of LIGO - California Institute of Technology is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
D2100630-v2 A+ Era OMC DCPD Whitening Circuit Schematic PCB Dean Schaetzl A+
19 Jan 2022
D1700308-v10 Squeezer In-vacuum Controls Wiring Chain Rich Abbott et al. Squeezer
16 Oct 2020
D2100631-x0 A+, ISC, Electronics, OMC DCPD Whitening Chassis Assembly Dean Schaetzl A+
13 Dec 2021
D1201501-v1 Bracket, Preamp (OMCS) Sam Barnum Final Design
Seismic Isolation
14 May 2013
D060283-v2 aLIGO OMC High Voltage Piezo Driver Board Rich Abbott Sensing and Control
Final Design
30 Jul 2013
D2000361-v3 DCPD-LTS-PICO-BDIV In-Vacuum Spider Cable Dean Schaetzl A+
27 Jul 2021
T2000713-v1 A+ In-Vacuum Cable Construction and Materials Dean Schaetzl Assembly
12 Jan 2021
D1300486-v2 aLIGO OMC Piezo Driver Chassis Front Panel Rich Abbott Sensing and Control
Final Design
01 Feb 2019
T2000221-v1 Vacuum Feedthrough Cable Shield Connections Dean Schaetzl Fabrication
07 Apr 2020
E1900220-v1 Optical Contamination Test results: SR3 ROC Actuator, Ceramic Heater Assy Dean Schaetzl Detector
Auxiliary Optics
27 Mar 2020
D1002706-v1 aLIGO GS-13 InterfaceBoard Benjamin Abbott et al. Seismic Isolation
15 May 2019
D1000057-v2 aLIGO Capacitive Position Sensor Interface Board Benjamin Abbott Seismic Isolation
17 Jul 2019
D1300485-v1 aLIGO OMC Piezo Driver Chassis Rich Abbott Sensing and Control
Final Design
26 Jun 2013
D1400301-v15 ETM and ITM ESD Low Voltage Driver Block Diagrams Rich Abbott et al. Sensing and Control
04 Oct 2018

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